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What to Look for in a New Audio Fab System

A car is more than just a way to get around. A car is an extension of you, so it should perfectly reflect you and your personality. One of the best, most fun, and cost effective ways to amp your ride is through audio fabrication — in other words, a great new stereo system with all kinds of functionality. But first, consider the components of what your new audio system might include.

Quality head unit

First and foremost, you want the display and system to be easy to use, address all the features you’re looking for, whether you’re focused on sound distribution and quality of music, or for hands-free communication and digital streaming apps.

Performance HQ is proud to provide customers with high-quality options from leading audio system brands, including:

      • Mosconi
      • Pioneer
      • Phoenix Gold
      • Memphis Car Audio
      • Kicker

What makes these systems so good for your vehicle are the fine materials used, adjusted to create and conduct immaculate sound throughout your vehicle. The visual effect is one of luxury and style, while being easy to use and often wirelessly compatible with tech. Oh, and they sound awesome, too.

Speakers, Subwoofers and Amps

The interior of a car is a less than ideal place for quality music. Some surfaces (glass and metal) bounce sound all over, and others (mats and seats) absorb it. Placing speakers artfully and strategically is critical to top sound quality, and our custom audio technicians look at the dimensions of your car to find the best placement for your speakers.

We also match the speakers to the audio system you choose, ensuring the speakers work effectively and efficiently with the power they are given. In short, we do our best in fine tuning your audio gear so you get the sound you want without blowing out your speakers.

If you love bass, Performance HQ highly recommends a subwoofer. A properly working subwoofer can enunciate the bass in a way that brings  awhile new sound to your favorite music. This level of detail provides a new appreciation that you will never get on a factory radio with the bass at +5 and the volume at 11. Plus, we make sure your subwoofer sound box is sealed and and strong to keep air out and the right balance of volume inside.

Your car stereo gets some power from the car itself, but adding an amplifier sends its own blast of power through your audio system. This force produces pristine clarity and quality of sound, whether your tastes are classic, country, or heavy rock and roll. The best amps can also filter out the sounds that go beyond human hearing, which can drag beats down and cause a muddy, muffled sound.

Sound Deadeners

Sound like the opposite of what you’re going for? No worries. Sound deadeners thicken the walls around the speakers so the sound bounces into the car instead of vibrating outward — a common issue with door speakers.

Also the harder your car works, at higher speeds or when the air conditioner is on, the more it drowns out your audio. Sound deadeners can help shield you and your passengers from the sound of your car running and lets you hear your music in the highest possible quality.

Sound Processors and Equalizers

When you adjust your treble to blast and then the music hits a peak, it can blast your eardrums in a tinny, shaky, speaker-blowing way — the same with bass. Getting your settings right can take some time but the peaks and valleys of songs can throw everything off balance. Equalizers and sound processors help to stabilize your sound and account for those upswings and downswings, so you can get the clean sound and volume you want without overdoing it.

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