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The Latest Audio Equipment That Will Make Your Car Jump

Sometimes you just have to play it loud.

You might sit in your office all day with paper thin walls or go to meetings and join conference calls, and then go home to a family with their own schedules and bedtimes. But time in the car is YOUR time, and sometimes the only place you can play your music as loud and heavy as you can stand. So why not invest in top-shelf audio equipment that you can feel?

Maybe you just want to be enveloped by the music to appreciate each note. Or maybe you just want quality sound reproduction with the effects that bounce other drivers off the road. After all, some music is intended to be blasted. San Antonio custom car shop Performance HQ offers some of the latest and greatest audio equipment on the market, as well as the skilled technicians who can build you a proper system optimized for your vehicle.

The sound systems that move you

Head units are important to your audio system, but when you want to blast your way through Bexar County and beyond, your focus is on the pieces that pump the volume. Below are quick descriptions and some of our top picks in general, but when it comes to your custom audio system our technicians may have some ideas on which components work together to produce the best sound for your vehicle.

Speakers are the most obvious and usually least expensive way to ramp up your car audio, but replacing what’s there only gets you so far. First, speaker placement may need to be retooled to find the best position, direction and size of speakers. Second, the quality of speakers you choose effects the sound they produce and how long they last. Lastly, the type of speakers are an important consideration. If you are upgrading your entire audio systems, component speakers may be your best bet, as those are separate speaker systems for the high notes and low notes.

Our top picks:

      • Kicker QS Series
      • Pioneer D Series
      • Memphis Car Audio Xtreme Speakers

Subwoofers maximize bass, allowing you to hear the deepest notes in your music. This is usually also what shakes the car and when you do it right, the streetlights and pedestrians. Our top picks:

      • Kicker L7
      • Phoenix Gold SX Series
      • Pioneer Champion Series Pro
      • Kicker Comp VX

Amplifiers provide an alternate and beastly source of power for your audio system, sparing the rest of your vehicle from taking the brunt of your blasting tunes. Our top picks for amps:

      • Mosconi Gladen A Class
      • Mosconi Gladen Zero
      • Phoenix Gold Elite Series

Bad Luck with Audio Upgrades in the Past? Not here

We appreciate our customers and their love of cars. That’s why we make sure everyone who comes to us for upgrades drives off completely satisfied with their investments, and upgrading audio systems is no different. While many shops may claim to install new radios, our technicians understand the importance of and distribution of sound through a vehicle. We listen to our customers to learn what they want out of their custom car upgrades, and we take the time and effort to ensure we meet and often exceed their expectations.

Call Performance HQ in San Antonio (Leon Valley) at 210-549-4242 or you can contact us online here. We start you off with a free consultation to make sure we understand everything about what you’re looking for, and to give you options based on our expertise. We look forward to customizing your car into your ideal road machine!