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Lethal Performance is now Performance HQ

When it comes to car owners, there are those that just want a vehicle to take them from point a to point b. Then, there are the ones who want to feel pride while getting into their car, starting the ignition at point a, and love every moment of driving to point b. If you are a local San Antonio car enthusiast who loves your car, you might be familiar with a shop called Lethal Performance. What you might not know is that it has been transformed into a one-stop shop for all your vehicle needs – we don’t just do performance enhancement anymore! Say hello to Performance HQ.

Why the change?

Lethal Performance has always done a phenomenal job with tuning and improving the performance of cars and we don’t want to end that tradition. On the other hand, we’ve been asked to handle an array of different jobs for our loyal customers and decided that it was time to increase our offering. Performance HQ is an auto performance and accessory shop that focuses on performance, car audio, car accessories, window tinting, paint protection, and custom fabrication. In other words, we will serve as your full-service auto modification/enhancement headquarters.

Is performance still a priority?

YES! The auto performance enhancement skills garnered by Lethal Performance will still be available at Performance HQ. In fact, we’ve increased our offering and are confident that we can out perform any of our competitors. From Dyno tuning to engine replacement, we still focus on increased horsepower to exhilarate the most enthusiastic drivers around. Remember, we are still the shop that was able to harness 618 HP from a stock block 5.7L Hemi engine!

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Changing our name doesn’t mean we’ve changed anything about our quality of service or customer loyalty. You, as our customer, are still our most valued assets and we look forward to continuing to serve your auto needs. Stop by our new showroom today and speak to our friendly staff about what we’re offering.