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Lethal Performance is now Performance HQ: Window Tinting

Lethal Performance always focused on making your car run smoothly, fast, and consistently. Performance HQ continues that legacy, but we’ve grown to include a few more focus areas revolving around not only cars but also our customers.

San Antonio heat is no joke. The sun in plain view on a Texas summer day can turn your car into a sauna. We’re local, so we know that there is a need to combat the heat and harmful UV rays. That is why we’ve included window tinting as a new service offered by Performance HQ.

Why Tint?

Your bare windows and windshield act as a magnifying glass to the UV rays emitted by the sun. This causes the temperature in the interior of your car to skyrocket while parked. In turn, the heat and direct sunlight will damage your leather, vinyl, and plastics. Not to mention, you’ll dread getting into your car and sitting on the scorching hot leather seats.

Our window tinting service is an unbeatable, financially sound way to stay one step ahead of the summer time heat. Our SunTek protection film will keep the UV rays out while protecting all the materials within your vehicle – especially your leather seats. Avoid the cracking, wear, and tear that occur due to your seats drying out by keeping the sunlight at bay.

Installation Process

Performance HQ technicians have years of experience flawlessly installing window film. Don’t settle for the other guys who will leave air bubbles, crooked cuts, or peeling film behind. We do the job once because we do it right. Our team is also experienced with the laws surrounding window tinting, so you can be sure we’ll let you know what is street legal and what isn’t so you can avoid needless tickets and traffic violations.

Commercial and Residential Installs

We’ve taken our auto only approach while under the Lethal Performance brand and expanded our reach through Performance HQ into the residential and commercial space in Texas. Our installers are trained and ready to install window film on your home or office windows to reap the same benefits as mentioned above all day long – not just while sitting in your car. Keep those harmful UV rays out of sight and out of mind – call us today for a free estimate on getting your windows tinted today.

Free Estimates

Call or visit us today for a free estimate on tinting your auto, home or office windows. We have years of experience, and nothing but positive testimonials from customers just like you who wouldn’t dream of owning a car without tints moving forward.