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Lethal Performance is now Performance HQ: Paint Protection Film

Performance HQ now offers paint protection film and installation services. Before becoming Performance HQ, Lethal Performance was 100% focused on increasing the performance of your vehicle. We’ve made a small change in our mission, and now focus on enhancement, experience, and protection of vehicles and their owners.

Paint protection film is a military grade film that goes on invisibly as a top layer of your vehicle. It is able to protect against scratches and scuffs. Imagine not having to worry about parking towards the rear of a lot to avoid shopping carts hitting your car! We’ve all been there, and now we offer a product to help you breathe easier on a day-to-day basis.

How does it work?

The paint protection film goes on just like window tint film does, but the adhesion process is enhanced to avoid air pockets and peeling. It is a thermoplastic urethane film that is strong enough to repel rock chips, scratches and scuffs on a daily basis. Our expert installers understand how to maneuver and install the film without flaws. Most of our customers can’t even tell that a film is on their car when installation is complete.

Does it take effort to maintain?

Not really. You can go about washing and waxing your car just as you normally would without issue. Once installed, the film is set for years to come and you can enjoy a scratch free, beautiful paint job for years. The films are installed in parts, so if you do ever experience an accident or issue with a part of the filmed area, we can replace just that area and not the entire filmed car.

Learn more about paint protection here.

Free Estimates

We understand that the transition from Lethal Performance to Performance HQ will raise a few questions with our loyal customers, but our team is here and ready to answer any concerns you might have. Paint protection film is just one way we have grown our offerings in the best interest of drivers who trust us with their vehicles. Not only do we make sure your car is performing at its peak, we also make sure it looks as great as it did when it came off the lot. Call or visit us today for a free estimate. We have years of experience, and nothing but positive testimonials from customers just like you.