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Lethal Performance is now Performance HQ: Car Audio

You would be hard-pressed to find an auto enthusiast that can choose between having a great audio system and a high performance vehicle. How many of you drive in complete silence? Ok, we know there are folks who prefer to listen to their engines purr as they drive down the highway, but the vast majority of people have music blaring to fill the void of their cars. At Performance HQ, we’ve taken every step possible to stock nothing but the best audio equipment we could find.

Performance and Experience

Driving a powerful car is a great experience in itself. Paired with pounding bass and crystal clear sound, you’ll be in a euphoric state while taking straightaways. Our goal when we were Lethal Performance hasn’t changed with our name to Performance HQ – we want your driving experience to be top-notch. The average person spends at least 3 hours a day in their car. Having to listen to static, high-treble music and voices will leave you uncomfortable and on edge. Take the steps necessary to enjoy your ride as much as possible.

Choosing your audio system

We offer only the best, so let our team help you select the right system for your vehicle. Whether you are looking for a system that supports Apple Play which integrates your iPhone with your car, or your focus is speakers that improve the listening quality of your favorite tracks, we are sure we can help.

We will install your system in house

Purchasing the right car audio equipment is only the first step. Getting it installed correctly is just as important as making the right decision on brand and quality. Our team has the know-how to install any audio system into your vehicle and we do it right every time. Save yourself the time and hassle of purchasing your equipment in one shop and installing it in another. Let us take care of the entire process for you to get you back on the road sooner and happier.

Experience our speaker showroom

Come in today and try out our offerings in person. We have a speaker showroom setup and ready to amaze you. We’re sure you’ll find something you like, and in most cases, we can have it installed for you on the same-day. Don’t delay – contact us now for a free estimate and to see our selection.