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Lethal Performance is now Performance HQ: Car Accessories

Even though change is inevitable, change for the better is always a possibility. Here at Performance HQ, we believe that our transition from Lethal Performance has been nothing but positive. Not only has our offerings grown, but we are able to provide help and services to so many more auto enthusiasts through our newly offered products and services.

In all the years that Lethal Performance has been in business, our loyal customers continuously asked us for specific car accessories. From radar detectors to remote starters, there has never been a shortage of options that drivers desired. Now that we’ve transitioned to Performance HQ, we are happy to announce that one of our focuses is providing and installing a wide range of car accessories.

Radar Detectors

When it comes to owning a tuned car, we all know that it is a little difficult to keep track of your speed. The smooth ride leads us to feeling as though we’re driving within limits when in reality we might be a few above the speed limit. Radar detectors are a great and economical way to avoid costly speeding tickets. Now you’ll know from a great distance if a speed detector or radar gun is nearby so you can take notice of your current speed. We would like to express that we DO NOT condone speeding or reckless driving! We just hate to see folks getting pulled over for going just a few miles above the limit due to their cars performance enhancement.

Are you planning a road trip in the near future? You’ll be seeing a large number of troopers stationed near state borders. Save yourself time, money, and increased insurance premiums by purchasing a radar detector and avoiding traffic violations. Click here to see our offering of radar detectors.

Remote Starters

The team of dedicated auto workers from our shop (previously Lethal Performance) could all attest to one thing: Texas is hot! Our team at Performance HQ continues to agree. Working outside and in the garage is a great way to lose your water weight and soak your clothes with sweat. From these lessons allow us to pass on a bit of advice: don’t go another summer without a remote starter in your car!

Stepping into a vehicle that has A/C ventilated for a few minutes beats any time spent in a car with no ventilation. Nothing is better, especially in San Antonio, than going from one air conditioned space to another while avoiding the heat. Start your car from your kitchen and never have to worry about arriving at work covered in dried sweat!

Let’s see what we can do for your vehicle!

These are just a couple of auto accessories that we carry and install now that we have transitioned from Lethal Performance to Performance HQ. Stop by and our knowledgeable technicians will help you select and install the right accessories for your lifestyle. Don’t delay – our showroom is open and ready to amaze!