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How Apple CarPlay Will Change Your Ride

Notice how whenever you buy the latest phone, computer or tablet, there are already system and software updates to download? That’s because keeping your tech on the cutting edge is a priority for providers like Apple. For the first time, that kind of up-to-the-minute enhancements are available for your vehicle with Apple CarPlay.

What is Apple CarPlay?

Apple CarPlay is iPhone compatible hardware and software that will sync up to your car. We will help you get rid of your old nav system or infotainment interface with one that looks and functions just like your iPhone and can be activated by touch screen or voice command. It connects your phone directly to the car so you can access your phone, maps and data right from the dash (with bigger buttons). This way you can answer calls on the go, check directions and switch up your playlist without taking your hands off the wheel.

Who is it for?

Apple CarPlay is compatible with a variety of vehicles, including Ferraris, Porsches, Volvos, Cadillacs, Audis, GMCs, Fords and Chevys, including other makes and more to follow. If your car is not perfectly equipped to take on CarPlay, we may be able to adapt your car to be Apple-ready. If you’re unsure if you can get Apple CarPlay in your car, call our San Antonio custom car shop to ask one of our experienced audio technicians.

Apple CarPlay syncs best with iPhones 5 and up.

Can I use all my apps?

Apple is committed to safety, so when it is adding bells and whistles, it is careful. Apple CarPlay permits use of several apps, mostly pertaining to communication, navigation and audio entertainment. Specifically, you can access iTunes, Pandora and Spotify, plus other music services and podcast, radio, news, sports and audiobook apps. We expect Apple to allow access to more apps in the future.

What about Siri?

Siri’s here! In fact, Siri is one of the most popular ways drivers access Apple CarPlay. You can ask Siri to play a song, band or play list, answer the phone, or read and dictate text messages. You can also use the touchscreen to navigate your system.

Why is this better than my current system?

Once you buy a car, your dashboard screen interface (if you have one) is already outdated. As long as you update your iPhone, your CarPlay is working on the newest possible technology. That means it is fast, clearly visible, familiar, and pulls music and information you have already saved to your phone. And when you are traveling somewhere new, you access the most updated maps and navigation that iOS has to offer. You’re not working from old maps that need paid updates, and you’re not working from a tiny screen that is loosely attached to the inside of your windshield. Apple CarPlay puts all the information you want front and center in your car, so you can easily access everything you need without taking your attention from the road.

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