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Car Audio

Lethal Performance is now Performance HQ: Car Audio

You would be hard-pressed to find an auto enthusiast that can choose between having a great audio system and a high performance vehicle. How many of you drive in complete silence? Ok, we know there are folks who prefer to listen to their engines purr as they drive down the highway, but the vast majority […]

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What to Look for in a New Audio Fab System

A car is more than just a way to get around. A car is an extension of you, so it should perfectly reflect you and your personality. One of the best, most fun, and cost effective ways to amp your ride is through audio fabrication — in other words, a great new stereo system with […]

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How Apple CarPlay Will Change Your Ride

Notice how whenever you buy the latest phone, computer or tablet, there are already system and software updates to download? That’s because keeping your tech on the cutting edge is a priority for providers like Apple. For the first time, that kind of up-to-the-minute enhancements are available for your vehicle with Apple CarPlay. What is […]

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The Latest Audio Equipment That Will Make Your Car Jump

Sometimes you just have to play it loud. You might sit in your office all day with paper thin walls or go to meetings and join conference calls, and then go home to a family with their own schedules and bedtimes. But time in the car is YOUR time, and sometimes the only place you […]

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