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Car Audio

Make sure your car sounds as good as it looks with an audio upgrade. Our technicians help you choose new speakers, head units, or create entire custom audio systems in your vehicle. Upgrading your car audio is one of the best upgrades you can make to improve driving experience for every moment you’re in the car.

Car Audio Installation in San Antontio, TX

Tune in and turn up with car audio installation from Performance HQ!

A great audio system in a vehicle enhances the ride for you and your passengers. You can enjoy blasting tunes whether you’re on the highway or stuck in traffic, or make sure you have perfect audio for a satellite navigation system. Our experts design a system is expertly fitted, easy to use and pump a crystal clear sound. Contact our technicians for car audio installation in San Antonio, TX!

Enhance Any Car’s Sound

You might have tried to get a new audio system installed in your car before, but the shop you wanted didn’t work on your brand of vehicle. Most shops specialize in installing radios for only Fords, or only German cars — not here. Our expert team has experience working with every type of car and blending new car audio systems seamlessly into all vehicles.

Car Audio Brands We Offer

Our San Antonio custom car shop offers a wide range of some of the best audio device brands on the market, including Mosconi, Phoenix Gold, Memphis Audio, Kicker, JVC and Pioneer. Known for their crystal clear sound and strong bass and volume output, these brands can be configured to create a network of audio that will make your car jump.

Sales And Car Audio Installations

We offer the sale and installation of a number of different products from a range of audio providers. You have your choice of car audio components, from high-tech installations such as touch-screens, to more robust audio devices like subwoofers. We can also install quality speakers in different areas of the car for a strong surround-sound experience.

Complete Custom Audio Fabrication & Car Audio Installation in San Antonio, TX

Our team offers complete custom audio fabrication. This means you will be able to choose how your new audio system looks, how it feels and how it sounds. We want our clients to be completely satisfied with the product that they receive. A car isn’t just a vehicle; it is a part of your personality. The audio device in your car is a big part of this, so it needs to be perfect.

There are lots of things to consider when completing audio fabrication on a vehicle — where speakers will go for the best sound, if you need an equalizer or if a compact amplifier will work for what you need. Our technicians work with you to design an audio system that fits your car and your needs. Our goal is to outfit your vehicle with a system that produces peak sound quality, whether you are using your navigation system or want bass loud enough to rattle the street signs.

We can work with you to design an audio system for your car that fits your needs. Our team of experts can show you some of the customizations that we offer. There are lots of different things to consider when completing audio fabrication on a vehicle. You need to make measurements to get the best speaker position. Our team will do this for you and make sure you get the best sound quality.

Free Estimates

Tell us about your car, and what type of audio device you would like. We'll work out the rest. We provide a range of different audio devices that will suit any budget. Contact us today to get started.