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Adding new car accessories in San Antonio brings your car to the next level. We provide accessories sales and installation for a variety of different cars, creating a fitted and seamless look and feel to your upgrades.

Auto Performance Installation in San Antonio, TX

Turbo Kit Installation, Supercharger Installation, Cam Shaft Installation, Radar Detection Installation, Backup Camera Installation & More

Elevate your ride to the next level with the top-of-the-line auto accessories and installation.

Radar Detection Installation

Drive with confidence. Radar detectors provide real-time ticket-protection system that warn you of upcoming alerts reported by users in your area, and they gives you access to local speed limit data and alerts. We provide a number of different radar systems for your vehicle, including the Escort IX and other top models.

Car Alarm Installation

Shield and protect your vehicle with a new car alarm and security system. We work with several brands, but our top recommendation is Code Alarm. Code Alarm is a popular brand for car alarms and anti-carjacking systems, and they offer the latest tech to protect your vehicle, such as cameras fitted around the car, notification of blind spots and a state-of-the-art alarm.

Car Audio Installation

Does your radio not pack the punch you want when you blast the volume? Does it lose signal at the worst moments? Let our specialists help you choose the perfect radio system for your vehicle based on your needs. We offer top of the line equipment, and will guide you to the right system for you. Check out our Car Audio page for more information.

Apple CarPlay

Connect your Apple devices to your car with Apple Carplay. If you want to select a new song, call your friend or check your location, Apple Carplay has all the answers. We provide the installation of this product using accessories from Kenwood. We’re happy to fit it in any type of car and bring to your vehicle the access and connectivity you enjoy everywhere else.

Backup Cameras

Reversing a car can be an issue when you don’t have a full clear view of the road. We can outfit your vehicle with backup cameras and HD screens to help you avoid costly and potentially dangerous accidents. Let our experts help you select the right cameras and display screen for your vehicle.


These days, technology is all about being connected. You want to make sure your phone is accessible through your vehicle, as well as your music player and all your other tech gear. Our team has outfitted countless cars with bluetooth connectivity to keep their devices in sync.

Step up your game with our auto performance installations!

Our San Antonio custom car shop provides these and many other vehicle accessories for purchase and installation. We also provide a variety of quality truck accessories, so contact us today to find out more.